How to Clean Painted Walls?

After you get your beautiful new color on the walls, life happens!  Which may include smudges, smears, and fingermarks.  Here's a quick tip to try:

  1. Always start with a test spot before you start to see how your paint responses to cleaning.
  2. Get 2 buckets one for clean water, and the other fill with warm water and just enough dish soap to make a few bubbles. 
  3. Use a floor mop with non color clean sponge and dip in the soapy water.  Squeeze out all excess water, you don't want it dripping down the walls as you clean.  Mop down your walls being careful to push to hard.  Clean your mop sponge in clean water before dipping back into soapy water to insure your working always with clean soapy water.  After your have finished one wall go back with a clean soft white towel to wipe up excess moisture.

Exterior Paint and Staining


Lets face it, the variety of weather conditions are hard on your outdoor surfaces. Decks, porches, sheds, stamped concrete, and resurfaced concrete all need to be maintained to keep a clean new appearance while protecting the base materials.  Power Washing and Painting Pros utilizes the most up to date equipment and cleaning solutions on the market to provide superior results. 

Painting Services

Interior Paint


There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to revive the look of your home.  We have the knowledge, skills, and attention to detail to get your painting projects done efficiently and effectively.  Let Power Washing and Painting Pros turn your house into a home you will love to come home to. Walls, Ceilings, Trim, and Doors no job to large or small.  

Power Washing and Painting Pros. is family owned and operated.  

We use non-phosphate cleaners which are safer for your home, family, pets, and shrubs.  Our environmentally safe cleaning products effectively clean your home without the need for bleach or chlorine.

For a more comprehension look at cleaning painted walls, check out: Bob Vila's advice for Help you need for the home you want
His article gives some good tips as well as different cleaning solutions to try.


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